Portable Measurement Instruments

    Portable Measurement Instruments

    Fischer offers portable measurement instruments to meet virtually every requirement for measuring coating thickness directly on the workpiece, whether this involves simple and repeatable routine measurement tasks or complex, multi-layered applications on irregular geometries.

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    One instrument, three job descriptions: not only is the flexible XAN®500 a handheld XRF device, it also converts into a desktop unit and can be integrated into production lines.


    A pen-style measuring device for fast and simple testing of coating thickness on the go.

    MP0/MP0R Series

    Compact and robust measurement instruments with integrated or cabled probes, specially designed for easy and repeatable measurement tasks even under rough environmental conditions.


    Entry-level handheld devices with graphic display and USB interface for professional and mobile coating thickness measurement.


    Handheld measurement instruments with more memory, Bluetooth connectivity and graphical and statistical analysis for customer-specific adaptation to measurement tasks.

    PMP10/PMP10 Duplex

    Handheld devices for coating thickness measurement on particularly rough base materials or on multi-layer systems such as paint/zinc/iron.


    Handheld device for rapid determination of copper coating thickness on circuit boards – including multi-layer boards.